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Fairy Garden

I have always been fascinated by miniature items.  Absolutely fascinated!  Well, with the exception of baby corn.  That is just weird and totally freaks me out!  I know.  I'm crazy.  This is not news to anyone, is it? ;) Anyhow...

A few weeks before my daughter's birthday I was trying to think of what to get her, and I decided I was NOT going to buy her any toys because she just has too many!  Do you know what Squinkies are?


Squinkies are very tiny, very colorful, very squishy, very weird little things.  And my daughter LOVES them.  And she has about a hundred of them and loads of "accessories".  You see, she is fascinated by little things, too!  She has minature tea sets, minature doll houses, minature figurines.  If it's tiny, she loves it!

I decided that for her birthday I would make her her very own fairy garden, basically just a minature garden with some small garden furniture for the fairies! Now, I am not even going to post any pics of fairy gardens that I have seen on the web, but just Google it if you want to see some, burt try not to judge mine too harshly, mmmkay?

First I had to decide what type of container to use.  I wanted it to be small so that it could stay in her room, so something like a whiskey barrel or large planter was out.  I ended up with a smallish wooden box that I picked up at HomeGoods.  I filled it with potting soil and was ready to start adding plants. (See the little furniture?!)

Here is a better pic of the gate and chair.  The chair was just a rusty tin color, but I gave it a light coat of some pink Krylon spray paint.  Of course I did.

Now, there are all kinds of minature plants that you can buy for a smaller garden or a terrarium.  I did not buy small plants.  I just used regular garden plants from Home Depot.  I am sure that this little garden will become quickly overgrown, but that is what I am hoping for!

After I added the plants, I added the furniture.  I purchased my items at the cutest little store in downtown Geneva, The Mossy Twig. I also added some river rocks to make a little path for the fairies and garden gnomes.  I'm crazy, remember? The river rocks came from Hobby Lobby.

And that's basically it!  I am considering adding some live moss to it, or I might just cheat and get some fake moss!  I'll keep you posted!

Here are just a few more fun shots to enjoy!

I just love this little gate! It really opens and closes!


Isn't that just the sweetest thing?!  Morgan LOVES it, and so do I!

It's going to be a beautiful weekend here.  I hope that wherever you are you are able to take time to Enjoy the Son. Be well, my friends!


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