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Privet Hedge (gone wild...)

We have an absolutely beautiful privet hedge in our back yard.


Okay.  That is a big fat lie.  Here is what the privet hedge in our backyard recently looked like.

The hedge is actually not even ours.  We have lived here for almost three years, and I suspect that the hedge was out of control long before we moved in.  We asked the woman behind us if we could trim up the hedge.  We offered to do it oursevles, but she declined, stating she loved the privacy. She said we could trim anything on our side (obviously), but she did not want us to take anything off the top. So, we always just trimmed away our side, and the hedge continued to grow out of control.  In the above photo, I had just trimmed the hedge.  Can't tell?  I know.  It's so crazy.  But, before I trimmed, you couldn't even see the fence!

This winter, new owners moved in and realized that the hedge had to be trimmed. They said they hoped that they could reshape the hedge and get it under control to a nice, full, even hedge. So, at the beginning of June, they hacked away at the wild hedge, and this is what was left.

Yikes! Who knew there was really a house back there?!  And what happened to nice and even!!!  I know that it had to be done, but...wow.

I have never done much with the back bed, because the hedge was so overgrown it made the back of the yard seem like a forest, and it really never bothered me to have nothing back there.  (I did plant some hydrangea bushes back there a couple of years ago, but they were very small and were trappled during the Great Hedge Masacre.) Anyhow, now that the hedge is, well, awful and providing little privacy, I decided that we needed a focal point in the backyard--other than the hedge!

So, this junk-loving girl gathered some junky treasures and plopped them in the back bed, creating a very quick and quirky scene to distract from the hedge.  What do you think?

I had almost all of these "treasures" already in my possession.  I think my favorite additions to the back yard are the little red chair and the red washtub stand.  You see, I garbage picked a couple of red bar stools over a year ago. (Thank you, Mary, for the curb alert!!!) Some of the bottom rungs were really chewed up from some playful pups, and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I really liked them!  So, they have sat in the barn shed for quite some time.  Then a couple of weeks ago, inspiration hit.  I asked my husband to help me saw off the bottom of the chair.  To his credit, he did not ask any questions and immediately stopped what he was doing and went and grabbed the cordless circular saw.  He must have seen the look in my eyes and known I meant business! ;) I said we didn't need to measure, because no one would ever sit in the chair, so we just eyeballed it started cutting.  (If you have ever seen me work on a project, you know that measuring is not my strong suit.  Don't tell my dad and brothers!  They are carpenters by trade, and I used to work with them!  "For shame!", they would cry!) Anyhow, we sawed off the legs and as I grabbed the top part to place it in the back, my husband grabbed the bottom to throw it in the trash.  "STOP!", I cried!  My hubs looked at me like I was crazy, well, I AM actually, but he put it back down.  The next day I stopped by the flea market and picked up a rusty, old washtub for $5 and I think it looks super cute resting in the bottom of the old bar stool!

There are several random things out back, and while I could tell you a story about every piece (you know I could!) I won't drag this post out too much more! ;)  I'll just share a few pics!

I have a few little projects I am working on to add to the back, and I will share those as I finish them.  But, for now, I really like it!  It TOTALLY distracts from the hedge! :)

After I put some of my lovely junk out back, I thought that I might throw a few things in the front too!  It used to look like this.

Bleh.  Now it looks like this.

Nice!  And it was a super quick change!  My favorite thing are the lamp shade chandies that I hung from the tree.  They are a little hard to see from the street, but they look really sweet from my favorite spot on the front porch!

We are experiencing a pretty decent drought, so everything is really dried up here.  Plus, we had almost a week of 100+ degree temps, so many of my plants that I transplanted are not looking so healthy.  However, I just keep watering them, and I am confident they will come back next year! 

What does your yard look like?  Have you added any unexpected pieces to help fill in your garden?

I pray you are enjoying the sun and the Son on this lovely Friday!!!  Enjoy your weekend!

Reader Comments (1)

I was thinking about planting a privet hedge. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

May 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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