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July Mantle

Is it July already?!  Seriously?!  This summer is going by WAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast, but I am doing a pretty good job of enjoying every moment of it!  I have so many things that I want to share with you, but between some internet trouble and my daily trips to the pool, I haven't had a chance to post anything recently! 

You may recall my spring mantle that I created recently.  My mantle gets changed up quite a bit, but I haven't really done much since my spring mantle, because I just LOVE it!  I did decide, however, that I could dress it up for Independence Day, without TOTALLY redoing the mantle.

I was trying to think of some fun things to do with neutral colors that would still convey "Happy Fourth of July!".  One thing that I love are all the patriotic buntings (can you pluralize bunting? is it just "bunting? hmm...) that I see hanging on porches and gazebos, etc.  However, red/white/blue doesn't necessarily scream, "neutral".  But I thought that I could get a sort of bunting feel with a roll of burlap.  I also wanted to add a few red/white/blue decorations, without making EVERYTHING red/white/blue.  Know what I mean? Here.  I'll just show you.

I love that there is really not much color in this vignette, but it feels very patriotic nonetheless. (I totally just Googled "nonetheless" to make sure it is all one word.  It is.) I wanted to make sure there was one significant piece in red, and one in blue.  The problem was, I didn't have any.  What I DID have was several bottles of spray paint, so I searched through my lovely junk that I rotate in and out of displays around my home (is that weird?!), and I found a couple of pieces that looked like they were ready to be given a new life.

I sprayed them, and while they were certainly red and blue, they were a bit...bright.

Yikes! I thought I would tone them down a bit with some stain.  I just used a dry cloth to rub a little stain on, then I rubbed it right back off.  I also dipped some little clothespins in the stain while I had it out.  You know, just changing things up a bit.  Using my time wisely. ;) A splash of stain REALLY helped out!

Then I just started adding some items, removing a few, moving this here, that there, and pretty soon I ended up with a display that I am very pleased with! Here are a bunch of fun shots that I am excited to share for two reasons. One, I really like the mantle and just want to show it off! Two, I used the manual settings on our camera for the first time and I think I got some fairly decent shots of the mantle! Check it out!

This little lamb was cute, but she looks much more patriotic with a tiny flag made out of some old t-shirts!

I went through all of my vintage buttons and pulled out as many red/white/blue ones I could find! And I also had some vintage looking game pieces from Hobby Lobby that I was dying to use!  I think they work well in the 1/2 pint milk jar I just picked up at last weekend's flea!

And I just like something about this old picture.

I changed out the "Bloom" banner for one that was a bit more festive.

The red and blue color on the pail was added by literally folding a couple of old, t-shirt scraps in a vintage doily! And I found some fun little blocks in my collection to add a bit more color.  (Random side note: When I was hosting a vintage baby shower for my dear friend Kate, I looked high and low for vintage/antique blocks.  I could not find any.  Seriously, none!  The week after the shower was over, the flea market was overflowing with vintage blocks.  So, I decided I had better buy a few, because surely the next time I would want some I wouldn't be able to find any!  I buy a few every time I go to the flea.  As a result, I have a fun little collection now!)

The burlap "bunting" was nice, but it needed something.  So I took some scrapbook paper, old book pages, twine, buttons, etc., and made some lovelies to hang on the "bunting".

And, see the plants in the sewing box?  Yeah.  Those used to be ivy, but I forgot to mention to my husband before I went to Texas for two weeks that those were REAL ivy.  They were a touch crispy when I returned.  I tried to find more ivy, but everyone was out, so those are bugle plants.  We will see how I do with those...;)

Do you decorate for the Fourth of July?  How long do you leave your decorations up?!

Wherever you are for the holiday, I pray you have a safe and blessed day.  Enjoy the Son!

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