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How To Make a Halloween Tutu

I'm calling this the Halloween Tutu-orial. Halloween tutu tutorial!  Get it?  I know.  Lame.  Anyhow...

About a year ago I posted a tutorial on how to make a tutu, and that has BY FAR been the most searched for post on the blog!  You can see the original post here and the tulle cutting update here.

In the past two weeks, there have been over 10,000 views of the tutu tutorial, and I figure it must be due to the fact that Halloween is just around the corner.  So, I thought that if people were looking for tutu ideas for Halloween, I would make it easy!  Check out these pics that my super talented husband took last fall of some adorable little models wearing Halloween tutus.

Ok. Well.  This was too funny not to share!  The hat was a little big for Mo, but it was really cute! For this "Witch" tutu, I used orange, purple, and black tulle.  I think it would be great with some lime green tulle, too!

This is sweet Sadie in a "Candy Corn" tutu.  For this tutu I used white, yellow, and orange tulle, of course!

Paige is wearing a "Bewitching" tutu, and it was made using classic Halloween colors: white, orange, and black.

Here's Sadie again.  Is she a doll, or what?!?!?!?!  I love this "Pumpkin" tutu.  It is solid orange.

These tutus are a very basic black, but they made for really cute kitty costumes!  And, let me tell you, those kitties were LOUD!

You may have seen this on the website before, but, again, it was too funny not to share!  Sadie is playing peek-a-boo, Paige is playing with the corn, poor Ruby just wants her mommy, and Morgan is over it!  But I was smiling!

So, I guess that wasn't exactly a tutorial, but I hope it gave you some ideas!  (The tutorials can be found through the links at the top.)  

Have a great evening! Enjoy the Son!



Burlap Wreath for Fall

First of all, I have to say that I saw a wreath very similar to this on a blog the other day, and I LOVED it!  I thought that I "pinned" it to my Pinterest board, but when I went to find it today, I couldn't!  So, if this wreath was your idea, or you think you know whose it was, leave me a comment so that I can give credit where credit is due!!!

To make this wreath you will need:

Burlap (about $3.99/yd)

Wire wreath form ($2-$4)

Embellishments (use what you've got!)

I went to Hobby Lobby, my favorite craft supply store!, and purchased 1/2 yard of red and orange burlap.  I already had the brown, tan, and cream colored burlap leftover from another project.  I also purchased the wire wreath form, which was on sale for $1.99, and the fall picks, also on sale for $1.25 each.  Everything else I used I already had in my craft supplies.  My total cost for this project was $8.50. 

I tied a couple of sample pieces on my wreath to see what length to cut them.  Once I figured out my length, I just started cutting the burlap into strips.

Once I had my strips cut, I started tying them to the wreath form.  (I don't know the exact number of strips I used, but it was about 1/3 of a yard of each color.)

I tied one color on at a time, and just kept adding a color until the wreath was full.  I kind of like the wreath with just these three colors below!

But I kept going and added some red and cream.

Now, even though I was working on a FALL wreath, it was 86 degrees today!  Since it was quite warm, I was in a sleeveless shirt and a skirt.  By the time I was done with the wreath, my lap was a mess and my entire body was itchy!!!  I don't do too many projects that require protective gear or special clothing, but this seemingly harmless craft would be best attempted wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  Fair warning!

After all of the burlap was tied on, I added the fall picks and the cardboard initial.  I painted the cardboard initial with some metalic paint, and I was going to leave it like that.  Then I saw that Mandi at Vintage Revivals was having a glitter linky party, and I thought glitter would be a nice touch!  I tried to find the Krylon Glitter Blast that she suggested, but I couldn't find it.  So, I went old school, and used some glue and sprinkled the glitter on.  It's not "epic", but it does make the "K" look really cool when the setting sun catches it!  Too bad the sun wasn't "catching it" in this photo...

Anyhow, because we all love a good before and after, here is the front of my house with my begonias that are on their way out...


...and here is the after!


This was another simple (but itchy!) project!  Check out the link party on Mandi's blog to see the really cool things that others have done with glitter.

Enjoy the Son!


Fabric Strip Lamp Shade

Last February, before I started posting DIY projects on this blog, I gave Morgan's room a makeover.  I do hope to post some pics of the before and after sometime soon, but don't hold your breath!

One of the things that Mo's room has been needing was a lamp on the bookcase.  A couple of months ago I found a great lamp base at GoodWill for $1.99.  I knew that I already had shades at home that I could work with, so I was in good shape.  Or so I thought.  When I got the lamp home I realized that there was no harp for a shade, and I didn't have any shades in my stash that attached right to the light bulb.  So, the lamp has been sitting on the bookshelf with no shade for about two months. 

Ugh. Well, this week, during a quick stop to GoodWill, I saw the shade I needed, and it was only $0.99!  Perfect!

Here is what I started with.

The first thing I did was peel off the fabric from the shade.

It was kind of a mess because this shade had plastic on the inside, but it came off easily.

Next, I went to my fabric bin and pulled out a bunch of scraps and started tearing them into strips.  Then I started tying the strips onto the shade.

There is really no right or wrong way to do this.  Just tie as many or as few strips as you want on your shade.  Here is the finished project.

Sooooooooooooo much better.  But then again, there really was only room for improvement...Anyhow, it turned really sweet, it cost very little to make, and it is really cute how the light filters through the fabric!

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the Son!


Singapore Dress

I have now made three dresses for Mo.  The first was the red, white, and blue bustle dress. Then I made the India dress.  The "Singapore" dress is the third dress I have made, and you will see it is very similar to the bustle dress.  (I just don't know how to make sleeves yet!)

I started with a tunic top from Singapore, hence the name.  (You can see the top in the India dress post.) It just didn't fit me right, but I loved the fabric, so I decided to use material to make a dress for Mo.  The first thing I did was grab a dress from Mo's closet and measure out an approximate skirt length.  I then took an old paper bag and cut out a pattern.

I cut out the front and back of the skirt, and sewed them together.

Then I took the top of a T-shirt (the bottom had a stain, so it was already in my "fabric-to-be-repurposed" pile) and sewed it to the skirt.

I don't have good pics of the next part.  The dress looked a bit unfinished, so I added a piece of narrow, grosgrain ribbon as a waistband, and then I added some yo-yo flowers to the top using fabric glue.  (I will show you how to make the yo-yo flowers soon!)

And here is the finished product.  This girl is such a nut!

Stand still, please!

Well, you can act happy about it!

Show us the back!

See my tape?  (For anyone wondering, that tape is there as part of Mo's physical therapy.  I have had several questions recently regarding Mo's therapy, and I think I will write a post about it...)

And I couldn't resist adding a couple of pics of Mo's first REAL day of preschool.  And, yes, I know the back pack looks enormous.  It's just a regular back pack.  When you put a back pack on a three year old who is a bit on the petite side, it is going to look big!

I honestly don't know what this pose is, but it totally cracks me up!

Well, there's my third dress (and Morgan's first day of school).  I am determined to learn how to sew, and my confidence (and skill!) is building with each project I try.  Have you tried something new lately?  I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy the Son!


Laundry Room and the First Day of School

I used to have a very small, but clean and new, first floor laundry room.  Two years ago, we moved to an older home in an AMAZING neighborhood.  Not so amazing is the basement laundry room.  It's not really even a laundry room.  It's just a giant storage area with a washer and dryer.  Here is what it looked like before.

It's not the worst thing ever, but I spend A LOT of time doing laundry (can I get an AMEN!?), and I just wanted something a bit more cheerful.

I feel the need to put a little disclaimer up.  Something to the effect of, "This is the basement.  I do not have money to put into 'cheering up' my laundry room.  All of these items were something I already owned.  I will not be entering this into any kind of 'room makeover contest'. But it IS more cheerful.  And it was free."

With that being said, here is the laundry room now.

Soooooo much more cheerful.  And I Corinthians 10:31 is one of my life verses.  I thought it was very appropriate to have it as a reminder in such a mundane area of my home!

That was the laundry room--now time for some school pics!  Yesterday was a very big day in our household!  It was Quinn's first day of Kindergarten, Morgan's preschool orientation, and the 22nd anniversary of my mom's death.  {Thank you to all who called, sent texts/e-mails/FB messages, and lifted up prayers.  I am truly blessed!}

Even though it wasn't really Mo's first day of actually class, she was so excited to get her picture taken.  Big surprise. 


Mo loves her preschool and cannot wait to start.  What she loves most is all the dress up stuff!  I am in trouble with this one...

Quinn was not as excited to get his picture taken, and opted for a "thinking pose", and then a pic with Mommy.


Dude!  What are you doing?!?! That was my glamour shot!

Well, this one is okay... ;)


Here he is showing some of his classmates his Captain Rex keychain.  The girl in the white headband looks THOROUGHLY unimpressed!  Bahahahaha! 

And there goes Mr. Confidence.  Heading in to his first day of school.  Crazy!

I hope this has been a great week for everyone!  Anyone else have a kiddo that just started Kindergarten?  How did it go?  I thought I would cry, but surprisingly I didn't!  At least not until a very kind neighbor dropped off flowers last night...Thank you, Mr. Pittenger!

My son has afternoon Kindergarten, so I better finish this post and walk to school to meet him!

Enjoy the weekend and the Son!