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I Spy Bags

Oh my goodness!  Is it just me, or does time seem to be speeding up?  The days seem to be just flying by, and I can't believe I haven't posted anything in over a week!  I do have lots of things I have been working on, as always, and I have a quick and easy project to share today.

This weeks challenge over at The CSI Project is "Summer Boredom Busters".  I just love a good challenge!  So, my project is a DIY I Spy Bag.

To make this, I used fleece, vinyl, multi colored beads, and lots of miscellaneous trinkets!

These trinkets have been collected mostly over the last year.  Whenever I go to a craft store, I always check the clearance sections for buttons, small craft items, beads, etc.  I have found so many cute buttons that were marked down to just ten cents!  I love it!  I have also purchased some small items from Oriental Trading Co.  The GIANT bag of beads is actually the type of bead that you can make a little animal or something out of them and then iron them together.  Remember those? Anyhow, OTC was having a sale, and I got that whole bag for $5.99!  The rest of the trinkets are just little toys that I find laying around my house that I have started collecting, instead of throwing out!

Okay.  Here's what you do.  Using pinking sheers, cut out two squares, the same size.  I cut mine to seven inches.  (You could really do this with any shape, but since my sewing skills are still so limited, I just stuck with a square!  However, once I get a bit better, I would love to try making something like...an owl.  Or a princess crown.  Or a princess! Or...let's move on!)  After you cut your squares, cut a peek-a-boo space in one of your squares.  It can be any shape.  Again, I stuck with straight lines.

Next, cut a piece of vinyl a bit larger than your peek-a-boo.  (I don't know why I am saying peek-a-boo.  It just seemed to fit.  Sorry if it is annoying!)  I got my vinyl at Hobby Lobby in the fabric department.  It comes in huge rolls and was placed with all of the upholstery fabrics.

Next, I pinned the vinyl to the fleece on the back side to make sure that I had it lined up correctly.  Then, I flipped the fleece over and repinned the front, removing the pins on the back.  I did this because I have learned that the vinyl sticks to the presser foot, so it is best to have the vinyl underneath the fleece, and just sew on the top.  (This step will make more sense once you actually try this project!)

Once you have your vinyl pinned, carfully sew around the edges.  I actually did two rows. It's not great, but I am learning and my kids are not picky!

Then you will pin your squares together...

...and sew around three sides, leaving an opening for your goodies.

Now you are ready to fill your bag.  Here are the items I "hid" in my bag.  That little froggy cracks me up!

Just be sure not to over fill your bag.  You want to make sure this is room to manipulate the beads around to get the hidden trinkets to the surface.  Once you have stuffed your bag, stitch the top closed and you're done!

There are many variations you could do with this project.  One thing I tried was using regular poly fill beads. I personally like the look of the multi colored beads in the bag.  Plus I think it makes it harder to find the items. 

This project took me about 35-40 minutes to complete.  An experienced seamstress could probably do it in ten! I was going to save these for our next road trip, but the kids are already having fun with them, so I think I will just have to make some more! In the mean time, I am going to link up to The CSI Project and check out all the other boredom busting ideas!

Enjoy the Son!


Memory Board

You may remember that I was recently at a family estate sale.  You can read more about it here if you missed it! ;) After the sale, I had loads of lovelies, but I haven't been sure what to do with them.  Until now.  What do you think?

The funny thing is, when I started this particular project a couple of days ago, I was just going to make a bulletin board for my workspace.  However, once I started working on the board, I wanted a couple of embellishments.  Then, once I started looking through my embellishments, I wanted a couple of pictures.  Once I got going on the pictures, I decided I wasn't making a bulletin board at all, but, rather, a memory board of sorts. (I am like the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" of crafting!  Seriously.)

My pictures for this project are limited, because there was a lot of trial and error, but I will show you what I do have! I started with an old, empty frame that my neighbor gave to me several months ago.  And I also had a broken bulletin board and some burlap.

The cork board was the prefect fit for the frame.

I don't have great pics of the next parts, but I will briefly explain.  I wrapped the cork board in burlap and stapled the burlap to the cork.  I then hot glued (I hot glue everything!) the board right into the frame.  Then I started going through my treasures and just picked things I liked.  One of my choices was a handful of old name cards.  After the auction, there were LOADS of items that either didn't sell, or people just left them because they didn't really want them.  So, naturally, I took a lot of the cast offs! It was really funny, because my whole family knows that I like to repurpose stuff, but they never know what I might have a vision to transform. They would pick up an item to through in the trash, and someone would say, "You better see if Holly wants that first!" This was the case with this little box of name cards.  They were about to be thrown out, and someone brought them to my attention.  For whatever reason, I found these little cards to be incredibly charming.  It was just so sweet that this man, who was always "old" to me, had saved all these name cards.  And it is really fantastic to flip through them and read the names!

I also used a couple of old photos, a change purse, some silverware, a ruler, old buttons, and twine.  All of the items were from the estate sale.  I thought the changed purse needed a little something extra, so I cut a small piece off of a doily and tucked it in the purse.

I laid the name cards on a book page and a piece of the cover of the photo frame that I tore off to make them stand out a bit more.  Then I added some buttons and a book page rosette.

I added the twine and a book page banner under the ruler.  I chose "REMEMBER" for my banner, because that is what I want to do when I look at the collage.  I want to remember the ancestors that have come and gone before me. I want to remember that life is short.  I want to remember to make sure that the things I value are of eternal importance, not just things that will end up on a memory board someday.

I have no idea who the little girl and young woman in the pictures are, but I think they are absolutely lovely!


This is where I hung my new "memory board". 

Not so charming.  Let's see what we can do about that. I do LOVE the layered look, but I don't do it very often.  Too much?


Definitely my style, but maybe too simple. 

I am sure I will keep playing around with it!  Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the Son today!





One piece, two piece!

I am fairly new to the blogging community, and I am AMAZED at how many creative blogs are out there!  I enjoy seeing what others are doing and getting inspired to try a new project.  I recently saw this fantastic idea, from Kim at A Girl and a Glue Gun. Kim has great photos and a great tutorial, so go check it out!

Since my first sewing project turned out to be a success, I thought I would try another one.  Morgan received this hand me down bathing suit, and while it says it is a 3T--and she only wears 24 months or 2T!--it was just not fitting right.  When I saw Kimbo's (she calls herself that, I am not being rude!) great idea, I thought I would give it a try.

I started by taking a pair of Mo's bathing suit bottoms to find where I wanted to make my cut.  Then I just made a cut straight across the suit.  (It look angled in the photo because the way the suit is laying, but it is actually a pretty straight cut.  Mostly.)

Next I pinned the top and bottom.  Confession: Since I am not great at sewing, I like my pins to be able to run right through the machine.  I am not coordinated enough yet to pull the pin out before it gets to the presser foot!


I don't know if there is a better way to sew "in the round", or if this is what everyone does, but my cousin recently told me that if I removed the arm of my sewing machine it would make sewing in the round easier/possible!  Thanks, Veronica!  Now I will actually be able to use my sewing machine to hem things!

This particualr suit had a lining that was very slippery, and my great pinning job didn't help.  However, I just refolded the parts that got "missed" and sewed them again.  (I know some of you are absolutely CRINGING right now, but you gotta start somewhere!)

I added a small strip of elastic in the front and the back, and the end result was a two piece bathing suit! It was raining the day I made this, so I didn't get a pool shot, but Mo doesn't seem to mind!  That girl will model anywhere!

What a little ham! 

I pray you are enjoying your summer!  Our's is going by so fast!  Take time to enjoy the Son today!


A Vintage Baby Shower

Back in March, I hosted a shower for my dear friend, Kate.  Kate and her husband, Andy, did not know if they were going to have a boy or a girl, so I wasn't 100% sure what direction I wanted to go with the shower.  I ended up collecting lots of goodies from around my house (my kids are still very young, so we have LOADS of toys), making a few flea market purchases, and the end result was a lovely, vintage themed baby shower!  Check it out!

A happy little vignette

Another fun display

Here is the Momma-to-be and her momma and sister. And check out her four inch heels!

I had some custom pieces made for the baby, and I strung them on a clothesline for a cute little presentation.

I made loads of these little tassles as favors, each one with a different design, and hung them all around the house.  This little ducky was one of my faves!

This dress was my mother's baptism dress.  It is just the sweetest thing.  It has a matching jacket and bonnet that I hung somewhere else but forgot to get a picture of.  Oops!

And this little display holds my husband's baby cup and fork and spoon.  I LOVE using personal items!

Here is another little display.  (Seriously? Yep.  My entire first floor was transformed.  It took several days to set up, and the hardest part was keeping my kids from playing with the toys.  The toys WERE theirs, afterall.  But they are used to mommy doing stuff like this, so they were quite cooperative!)

I wish I would have gotten better pics of the table and food, but these will have to do!

This cake was huge!  In case you have ever had trouble cutting a cake like this, cut a circle out of the center first, and then slice your pieces.

Kate and Andy have a cute little dog, Finn.  He was their first baby.  I wanted to include him in their special day.  I found a picture of a puppy and baby in a washtub, and the puppy looked very much like Finn.  So I took a scrap of the fabric left over from the custom baby items and made a picture for Finn.  It truly hangs in Finn's "room" over his doggie bed.  Too cute! (And a funny side note on the bronze baby shoes: Those were my MIL's, and there used to be an ash tray where the M&M dish is!  Because nothing goes better than baby shoes and cigarettes, right?! Crazy!)

Here are some people enjoying the party.  There were 46 adults and eight kids.  It was tight but oh so fun!

I made a photo board of Kate and Andy's baby pictures.  It was fun to see them as babes.

There was a rocking horse and a bucket o' blocks that greeted guests on the front porch.


Some more party favors.

And one of my most favorite little displays.  This is my doll bed that my dad made.  My son's plane and large colored pencils from Berlin.  Raggedy Ann and Andy from the flea market, and a chair that was repurposed from GoodWill. 

Thanks for checking it out! I am linking up with the CSI project.  Click on their button in my sidebar and see all of the fun projects that they ALWAYS have over there!

Enjoy the Son today!


Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

In my whole life, I have never won anything worth winning.  That has not stopped my, however, from regularly entering giveaways, and I am pleased to announce my persistence has payed off: 

I just won a Cricut E2!

A HUGE thank you to the My Craft Channel Blog for hosting this unbelievable giveaway!  They are giving away 20 Cricuts in 20 days. This particular machine just became available, in limited release, in May, and I cannot believe all of the things it can do! Head on over to their site and find out how you can enter!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!