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A Vintage Baby Shower

Back in March, I hosted a shower for my dear friend, Kate.  Kate and her husband, Andy, did not know if they were going to have a boy or a girl, so I wasn't 100% sure what direction I wanted to go with the shower.  I ended up collecting lots of goodies from around my house (my kids are still very young, so we have LOADS of toys), making a few flea market purchases, and the end result was a lovely, vintage themed baby shower!  Check it out!

A happy little vignette

Another fun display

Here is the Momma-to-be and her momma and sister. And check out her four inch heels!

I had some custom pieces made for the baby, and I strung them on a clothesline for a cute little presentation.

I made loads of these little tassles as favors, each one with a different design, and hung them all around the house.  This little ducky was one of my faves!

This dress was my mother's baptism dress.  It is just the sweetest thing.  It has a matching jacket and bonnet that I hung somewhere else but forgot to get a picture of.  Oops!

And this little display holds my husband's baby cup and fork and spoon.  I LOVE using personal items!

Here is another little display.  (Seriously? Yep.  My entire first floor was transformed.  It took several days to set up, and the hardest part was keeping my kids from playing with the toys.  The toys WERE theirs, afterall.  But they are used to mommy doing stuff like this, so they were quite cooperative!)

I wish I would have gotten better pics of the table and food, but these will have to do!

This cake was huge!  In case you have ever had trouble cutting a cake like this, cut a circle out of the center first, and then slice your pieces.

Kate and Andy have a cute little dog, Finn.  He was their first baby.  I wanted to include him in their special day.  I found a picture of a puppy and baby in a washtub, and the puppy looked very much like Finn.  So I took a scrap of the fabric left over from the custom baby items and made a picture for Finn.  It truly hangs in Finn's "room" over his doggie bed.  Too cute! (And a funny side note on the bronze baby shoes: Those were my MIL's, and there used to be an ash tray where the M&M dish is!  Because nothing goes better than baby shoes and cigarettes, right?! Crazy!)

Here are some people enjoying the party.  There were 46 adults and eight kids.  It was tight but oh so fun!

I made a photo board of Kate and Andy's baby pictures.  It was fun to see them as babes.

There was a rocking horse and a bucket o' blocks that greeted guests on the front porch.


Some more party favors.

And one of my most favorite little displays.  This is my doll bed that my dad made.  My son's plane and large colored pencils from Berlin.  Raggedy Ann and Andy from the flea market, and a chair that was repurposed from GoodWill. 

Thanks for checking it out! I am linking up with the CSI project.  Click on their button in my sidebar and see all of the fun projects that they ALWAYS have over there!

Enjoy the Son today!


Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

In my whole life, I have never won anything worth winning.  That has not stopped my, however, from regularly entering giveaways, and I am pleased to announce my persistence has payed off: 

I just won a Cricut E2!

A HUGE thank you to the My Craft Channel Blog for hosting this unbelievable giveaway!  They are giving away 20 Cricuts in 20 days. This particular machine just became available, in limited release, in May, and I cannot believe all of the things it can do! Head on over to their site and find out how you can enter!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!





Cupcake hamburgers and sugar cookie fries

Is this cute, or what?!  A HUGE shout out to Bakerella as I originally saw this idea there!  I "pinned" the idea for Father's Day and just got around to it this weekend!  (For all of you DIYers out there, if you haven't joined Pinterest and are unfamiliar with "pinning", check.it.out.ASAP!)  I highly reccomend checking out Bakerella's version of this project.  There is a great tutorial with fantastic photos!

My version is a little different, as always!  I am not a huge fan of sweets--I prefer something salty!--so the idea of a a brownie, covered in frosting and smooshed in a cupcake was not at all appealing.  So, I decided to make my entire "hamburger" out of cake.  I used a mix to make both yellow cupcakes and chocolate cake.


I don't have pictures of the baking process of the sugar cookie fries, because it's pretty much trial and error, whatever works for you!  I will, however, share my most favorite sugar cookie recipe with you!  You need:

1 cup butter          2 tsp. baking powder           

1 tsp vanilla          1 large egg

1 cup sugar           3 cups flour

Preheat oven to 400.  In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together.  Beat in egg and vanilla.  Mix baking powder and flour, and add one cup at a time.  If the dough is "sticky", slowly add more flour until the dough firms up.  Divide the dough into two balls.  On a floured surface (I just sanitize my counter top and put the flour right on the counter), roll the dough out to about 1/4 inch thick.  Cut out your cookies.  In this case, I took my pizza cutter and just made a bunch of "fries".  Bake the cookies on an ungreased cookies sheet for about 5-7 minutes.  Makes about 20 average size cookies, and about 100 fries!

After everything was done baking and properly cooled, I mixed my frosting and began assembling the hamburgers.  I put my frosting in a plastic baggie and snipped the corner because I was too lazy to clean out piping bags.

I used a round cutter to cut out hamburger patties.  Even though I baked the cake on a sheet pan, the cake was still quite thick, so I cut the patties in half to avoid a ridiculously tall and wobbly hamburger!

I cut the cupcakes in half, stacked a pattie on top, and then squeezed the ketchup, mustard, and lettuce, er...frosting on!

Then I smooshed the top bun on, and I sprinkled a few sesame seeds on top of each one.  I was not going to add the sesame seeds, but it really did make them look so much more like little hamburgers!

I made these for a social gathering for our homeowners association, and I really wanted to put them in little paper trays like Bakerella.  Unfortunately, I did not allow myself enough time to order any trays or make my own.  After two days of searching local diners and fast food restaraunts, I ended up using coffee filters.  It wasn't the ideal presentation, but it worked!

This was easy to create, but it was time consuming.  I baked my cupcakes and cake the night before the party to help spread out the baking.  The final product was definitely worth the effort, but I am warning you, if you think you whip these up in an hour, you can't!  I am not saying that to deter you, just to make sure you leave yourself enough time to make these great little treats!  Thanks again, Bakerella!

There is no sun here today, but I know where I can find some Son shine...


Mercury Glass

I am really liking the the look of mercury glass these days, but I am not so excited about the price. 

                             (Mercury glass from West Elm)

I have seen a few different techniques on creating your own mercury glass, so I thought I would give it a try.

The first thing I did was gather some glass.  I pulled a few pieces from the recycling bin, raided my stash of mason jars, and even grabbed a couple of vases.  Here is a pic of a few of the jars.

The next thing I did was "wrap" them in a plastic bag.  You could be all fancy and carefully wrap them in paper and tape off the edge, but it really won't make a difference!  The main thing is, you are going to be painting the INSIDE of your item, and you do not want the paint on the outside. Work it out however you want.  ;)

The prodcut I used for the project was the Krylon Looking Glass spray. 

Now, I feel I must add this disclaimer:  My can of spray paint was defective (or something!), and I am not sure what this project would have turned out like if it wasn't!  Allow me to explain.  I first tried this project a couple of months ago.  I got everything ready, shook the can really well, and when I started "spraying", paint just came dripping and fizzing out everywhere.  Definitely not a "spray".  While it was not what I was anticipating, it did make for some FABULOUS looking (in my opinion) mercury glass!  I really did want to try to make some mirrors with the paint though, so I took it back to my local hardware store, and they exchanged it no problem.  When I got home, I tried the product again, with the SAME result.  I am now on my third can of this product, and it is still fizzing and spattering everywhere instead of spraying!  I think I must be somewhow damaging the nozzle when opening the can.  At any rate, I really do like the way this project turned out, but I am not sure how it would work if the paint had actually sprayed.  To give you an idea of the mess I had on my hands, literally!, here is a pic of what I looked like after spraying a couple of jars.

Yeah.  I have never looked like that with a can of working spray paint!  Something was definitely off!  Oh well!  I think it was worth it!  What do you think?

See all that spattered goodness?  Not sure I would have achieved that affect without the defective can!


Simple and lovely.  Just my style!

Someone please give this a try and let me know how it worked for you!!!!

I hope you enjoy the Son on this beautiful, Fourth of July weekend!


A Painted Table

I found this table at a yard sale. She was priced at $30.  I thought that was a little high because I am very cheap frugal, so I asked if they would go down on the price. The woman then told me that this piece had been in her boutique (which I loved, but it has gone out of business with the downturn in the economy) and it was priced at $300.  Well.  No wonder it didn't sell!  Anyhow, that did make $30 seem like a deal, but I still asked for less and ended up paying $10 for the table!  Love it!

What I didn't love was the color.  While it is very patriotic, I wanted it to blend in with the back patio a bit more.  My mother-in-law had several cans of "Nutmeg" spray paint from Rustoleum left over from one of her projects, so I decided to spray the table.


Much better!  And does anyone remember that I have all these chairs just waiting for a table?  I could not resist pulling them outside and setting them up for our backyard barbeque last Saturday!  Aren't they lovely?


It was fun, for me, to see everyone sitting around the table in the old chairs that have been waiting to be enjoyed.  Sadly, one of the chairs broke.  Bahahahahaha!  It really wasn't sad, but hilarious!  Guess I need to be a little more cautious in my chair selection!  

What have you transformed recently?  I am linking up to At Home With K's Tuesday Under $10 party to see what others are doing!  Check it out!

Enjoy the Son!