Hey there! I am beyond blessed to be the wife of Mark Andrew and the stay-at-home-mommy of Quinn and Morgan! I love to decorate, create things, and generally make life more beautiful! Come join me, and let's see what we can make today!

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Valentine's Day Mantle

I left you hanging yesterday, but here is the final product.

It did not turn out how I had envisioned it (which my initial vision and final product are generally different), but I really like it! My initial vision had lots of reds mixed in with gold and silver, but I ended up using copper instead.  It's very interesting to me because "metals" are very trendy right now, and I am not a trendy person.  I am unsure if I am drawn to the metals because that is what worked best for this, or if I am drawn to them because they are trendy.  Maybe the two cannot be separated...interesting, indeed.

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DIY Wire Basket

When I was thinking of my Valentine's mantle (which I will show you tomorrow!), I was picturing a long, narrow, wire basket. I looked around and did not find anything like my vision (big surprise), so I decided to make my own with the supplies I had on hand.

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Mixed Media Art

I attended my first art class EVER yesterday, and it was fantastic! Sweet Jackie Lauger of Fat Jak Originals hosted a workshop at Relux Vintage (my new favorite shop in downtown Geneva!), and I cannot tell you how much I loved it. What I CAN tell you is that if you have an opportunity to take one of her classes, do it!  If you are not local, find an art class in your area, step out of your comfort zone, and just go!  

Yesterday's class was focused on mixed media art.  I have made a number of pieces that qualify as mixed media art, and I have shared some of them with you, but the techniques and tricks I learned yesterday will take my art to an entirely new level, and I am excited about that!

Here is the piece I made yesterday.


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Tuesday Tips and Recipes #10

Today's post is going to be a bunch of randomness, but I will start with a tip. (You remember, right? OCD self cannot post on Tuesday without a tip or recipe. So...)

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Tuesday Tips and Recipes #9

I usually like to get my posts out in the morning, but since there was no school again today, I just hung out with my kiddos! And, who I am kidding? You guys are used to going weeks/months/AGES without seeing a new post! I often marvel at how many of you are still hanging around...:) Thanks for that!

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